Matt Scott Barnes
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Available for commissions, collaborations or inquiries.

MFA - Graphic Design
Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA)

BFA — Graphic Design / Print Making
Western Kentucky University (WKU)

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Cyber Goth Chinese Food

Cyber Goth Chinese Food is a unique display typeface that merges the northeastern graffiti hand styles and the "cut-onions" style typography commonly used for Chinese takeout. The result is a bold and eye-catching typeface that blends two seemingly contrasting subcultures to create a distinctive and memorable design.

This typeface was inspired by the hand styles featured across New York City, which often represent ownership and individuality. By fusing this with the misrepresented and often offensive ethnic typefaces intended to express an Asian or Chinese aesthetic, Cyber Goth Chinese Food produces a unique juxtaposition.

The result is a typeface that is both Intense and romantic, combining elements of street art with a touch of low-brow elegance. The unique blend of northeastern graffiti hand styles and the "cut-onions" style typography is what sets Cyber Goth Chinese Food apart from other Orientalism-based typefaces. This distinct combination creates a completely new aesthetic that is both visually striking and neo-culturally relevant.